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Dec 18, 2011 8:00pm EST
they be local or federal. in penn state case, even if jerry sandusky is guilty of sexually abusing his children, clearly it is a huge criminal case, there is no evidence at the moment that there were any n.c.a.a. rule violations. how do you figure that out so that if somethina crime is being committed, there is a way to enforce a law as opposed to enforcing n.c.a.a. regulations f? they play with important schools. it makes them a lot of money. they just slap them on the rest. >> you right "i really do not like the n.c.a.a. and what it stands for. it is fair to say indiana is not my biggest fan." >> the n.c.a.a. has administered the rules of college athletics. they also put on every championship in college athletics other than football. the championship series that determines the national champion in college football is administrated by the conference's. that is separate even though the schools involved are all n.c.a.a. schools. everything else is organized and paid for by the n.c.a.a.. all the money for that comes from television that is paid to the n.c.a.a. by cbs and turner for the right to t
Dec 13, 2011 7:00am EST
sandusky scandal at penn state. there -- jerry sandusky scandal at penn state. and there are other scandals that have also brought headlines recently. so, they are going to be looking at that. the panels include not only people who have personally suffered from sexual abuse, from coaches and the like, but also experts who will be talking about the laws and whether they are good enough to keep our children safe. host: there are currently laws on the books dealing with this? guest: every state requires reporting to authorities if teachers, for example, commits sexual abuse. one of the issues is civil liability. the people doing the direct reporting are under the child abuse prevention and treatment act, they are protected towards lawsuits. but some of the people who are part of the process of reporting might not so protected. some of these allegations, especially if for the list, can destroy a person's career. -- especially if they are for the less, can the story a person's career. that is one of the issues they are looking at. are the laws sufficient to protect people going reporting from po
Dec 24, 2011 3:35pm EST
challenge, you have taken on the challenge of investigating the jerry sandusky situation at penn state and what it says about the culture. why in the world would you do that? >> question that my wife asks all the time. she has the list of things she would prefer that i do and i do not get around to them. i think the bottom line here is that i was already on the board of trustees. this is my. it is as quote -- i grew up in the inner city of philadelphia. i got four years of education at penn state that changed my life occurre. when this thing happen, people looked around and said, has anybody have experience that is have this kind of experience with this kind of widespread situation before? and i didn't raise my hand. then there was a question of is there anyone here that is handled vioxx before? i had been outed. and so, it is really hard to step away from an institution that you have placed your support for in a valid need. so i did take that on. we were able to get a former fbi director to take over the investigation. no i have someone who i think the public would agree is an able in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)